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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blind Lemon Vintage Fair at Swansea

Well, I made it to the fair at Swansea Brangwyn Hall today but didn't manage to take any pictures as it was so packed!  Lovely to see that business has picked up from last year, not that it was quiet then mind you.  It did surprise me that the fair hadn't been moved into a bigger room as the stall holders were vying for space last year.

I bought only three items this year and didn't quite stick to my plan of only haberdashery, but did score some lovely red buttons.  I also bought what I think is a lucite brooch which needs some cleaning before I show it off although I have worn it all day as it's a lovely chrysanthemum!  At the moment it looks like a shade of eau de nil but this might change when I get a cotton bud and soapy water to it!  I also got a pretty clutch bag which has a faux tortoiseshell clasp and velour geometric pattern outer and a very odd plastic lining which leads me to think it might have been meant as a make-up case.

In any case I like them all which is why I bought them, I'm not interested in selling these things on and I paid a good price for them all.  I was quite saddened to hear a girl at one stall with her friend ask the stall holder how much a headband was, when given the price the girl baulked, so the stall holder said 'give me an offer then' but the girl became even more skittish and made up a lie stating her mother had her money.  I knew it to be a lie as the girl then whispered to her friend when the stall holder was talking to another customer that she didn't know how to haggle and would get her mother to do it for her!  I was shocked because the stall holder had given the girl the opportunity to have a go.  May be it's just because I've been used to going to antique shops and fairs with my parents from a young age.  I'm not the best haggler but I at least try and get something off unless it's £1 or less already as it's a bit of fun and it's one of the things that I think I can tick off as 'something done today that scares me'.  Well, may be that's my lie, it doesn't really scare me's quite exhilarating and you get to know the stall holders through the banter.  Go on give it a go next time you go to a fair!

Here's my finds from today:

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