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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Clowns and Indians

Here's the clown hats I've made for the Christmas boxes so I can tick them off my list and because I love adding things to my to-do list (*laughs*) I thought it would be fun to make Indian headbands too.

The clown hats I made by getting some patterned card and tying a pencil to some string and using it as a compass by holding the string in one corner and drawing a curve from corner to corner - I now wish I'd taken pictures as I'm not sure I'm explaining this right - and cut along the curve. I then hot glued the long sides together with a lot of help from my boyfriend and a few burns into the bargain! I stuck a pompom on the top and elastic to keep it on with threaded through holes make with a compass point.

The Indian head bands were made by drawing feathers freehand onto coloured foam and then painstakingly stitching each and everyone on to pieces of ribbon and then stitching a piece of elastic at the back. I say 'painstakingly' as it took two days to do five headbands and nearly drove me insane in the process! I don't know what it was about this project, especially as I thought it was such a good idea as I loved playing cowboys and Indians as a child with my sister as we had the suede tasselled waistcoat and everything!

Well, here's the pics:

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