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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Me Made March Day 11

So here's something else you've seen before but with a different top.  I did have a photo taken from a colleague in work, but think she needs to put her specs on when she takes photos as it was rather blurry!  Whoops!  That'll teach me for not checking it more closely!  So here's a hasty pic of me with my cuppa as there was no way in hell I was putting my bucket of tea down before I'd finished it today as it was long awaited!

Me wearing clothkits skirt, pink cowl neck top and purple bolero taking picture in mirror sipping my bucket of tea!
I really love the pattern on this skirt and am umming and aaahhhing over whether to buy some more from clothkits as they're having a 3 for 2 thing for their birthday...but they are rather pricey and could get some similar fabric and make things myself for cheaper now I know a bit more...but still...hmmm.

Hoping to be back to sewing tomorrow as have the day to myself as J is working all day - boo hiss!  but yay!  for sewing!  I've kept a notebook with me all week drawing out rough pictures of what clothes I want to make next using what fabrics in my stash.  I've also been thinking about what fabric to use for the bag I'm making for my sewing buddy and am sooooo excited!  I keep forgetting to tell you all I have a sewing buddy as we keep nattering over email so much!  I'll tell you all more later....


  1. I love love love that fabric on that skirt. As a woman who just spent a fortune on shoes (I'll probably not wear for a while), I say go for it. Buy three new clothkit kits!!!!!

  2. Tempting tempting...but then I went out and bought more fabric today! Whoops!


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