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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

MMJ Day 19 and some refashioning plans

I really thought I'd have to start repeating outfits from today onwards as haven't done any sewing this weekend except the shrug but then I remembered the dress I made for the Sew Weekly Challenge!  I'm so chuffed that I've doubled the time before repeating an outfit since doing MMM!

So here's me in the pillowcase dress with strawberries from our strawberry patch.  There's 360g there and if J doesn't want to eat them as is they'll be made into jam.  I like jam.  I hate strawberries.  I know, I know I'm weird but I just can't stand strawberries as fruit, I think it's the texture, but as jam...mmmmmmm!  Yum!  Strange eh?

Me made dress, corsages and me grown strawberries and me cut hairdo
J has a new iPhone and is still learning what fun things it can do so here's a funky photo.  I think it looks a bit like the 8mm film we've been sorting through of his grandparents.  It's been so interesting looking back to the 60s at places they went to on holiday and of J's parent's wedding.  I'm trying to get my parents to dig out their films as there's one of their wedding and would love to see it.  I've seen black and white pictures but this would be in glorious colour and can see the outfits better I hope!

And now onto something completely different...I'm going to try my hand at some refashioning.  I went into a charity shop the other day where everything is £1, I've got some lovely fabric samples from there before and hope each and every time I go in for something equally as lovely.  This time I found a pretty scarf, which on closer inspection is something of a find:

100% silk skirt with beaded edge from Planet

close up of beading

more beading

This skirt is too small for me but as it's pleated on the top, what I'm doing it carefully taking off the bias binding on the top and will unpick all the pleats and (hopefully) iron them out and then put new binding on the waist so (again hopefully) it will fit me.  If this doesn't work I'll be making it into a top.  I really love the pattern and the beading so will try and keep as much of the beading as possible if it does need to be made into a top.

Nylon/rayon mix scarf

close up of pattern

I also found this amazing scarf there too.  I think it dates from the late 40s early 50s as it states 'foreign' on the label for washing instructions and then next to it it has a label stating it's made in Japan.  I think the pattern is beautiful.  Initially, before I realised it's age I thought of making it into a Sorbetto top a la Kestrel Finds and Makes but when I realised it's age I just can't bring myself to cut it so will endeavour to wear it as a scarf.

This I can't take credit for, J's mum found it for £2 at a charity shop for me.  Isn't it amazing???  There's every pattern apart from the final two, don't know why.  They're all complete as far as I can tell and still in their factory folds!  Some of the pictures on the front are hilarious but will have to show you them another day as this is quite a photo heavy post as it is!

Make it easy magazine collection of patterns

The a-z of sewing know how that came with it.

I couldn't believe my eyes when she said, 'I've got a little something for you' and gave me this!  How cool?  Some of it isn't my taste but most of it is fine or will be with a bit of tweaking for modern fashions.  Need to have a really good look at it though and make sure there's nothing missing or cut to a small size.

Hope you've all had a fun weekend!


  1. Oh that skirt is gorgeous, you've got to get something out of that. If the skirt plan doesnt work out I'm sure you can get some kind of sleeveless top, the beading will be lovely either way! And yay for J's mum, what a cool pressie!

  2. Love the pic of you!!!! Yummy strawberries too!! (pre-jam, as I don't like jam but love strawberries.)

  3. Ooooo....cannot wait to see your refashion! And that Sew Easy pattern collection? Amazing!!!

  4. Thank you guys!

    Sarah, you wouldn't believe the patience I'm emanating in carefully unpicking this skirt! I'm impressed with my restraint!

    Trish that's so funny that we're the polar opposites with strawberries! The effect on the picture is pretty cool eh?

    Meg, I thought my eyes would pop out when she showed me the box of goodies!


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