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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

MMJ Day 20 and mail

So I made it 19 days without a repeat but no more.  My sewing mojo has gone, it's the mid me made sewing month slump I think.  It's also my last week in work and am very much looking forward to two weeks off and think I might be saving my sewing for then!

I do love this top though, and as I said before I wear it very often.

Me made lotus cami
I've been sticking together the pieces for the free Sorbetto top pattern from Colette as hoping to make one before the month is out.  I've learnt my lesson though, I'll be trying it out on an old bed sheet first before I use any fabric I'm fond of.

Speaking of fabric I'm fond of, look what came in the post today:

Stripy innocent crush voile

Innocent crush voile
There were the ones that I got in the fabricworm sale.  They aren't quite the colours as advertised and when I bought them I was more interested with the one on the bottom as it was a bright yellow in the picture, but now they've arrived I'm more enamoured with the stripy one.  I've got 3 yards of each and am undecided now they've arrived as to what patterns to use for them.  I'm considering another Liverpool but wonder whether voile is too soft for that style, my other thought is the picnic dress pattern.

Ah, I expect I'll pick up something a bit later on.  Still working on refashioning that skirt I posted about yesterday so maybe that'll be done before the week's out.


  1. Hmmmm AMH Voile... Love it :-) Dont decide what to do with it yet, you've got more post coming ;-)

  2. Oooooh! Exciting! Can't wait for Mr Postman now!


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