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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MMJ Day 21

Ok so I've really reached the slump part of the Me Made month.  I'm not as stressed this time, I've had the boost that a me made month gives me to make more things and I've added pretty and useful items to my me made wardrobe.  It's just now I've run out of steam and that's ok as don't really want to burn out completely and end up in pain too.  I'll probably get a second wind come the weekend for the last push to the end of the month but I think I will definitely get more out of the go slow clothes after this until the next me made month.

Today's outfit has been brought to you by a me made a-line skirt in green with tiny flowers.  The top and vest are shop bought.  We've been playing with the effects on the iPhone again, shame about the background though...whoops.

Me made a-line skirt
I've been told I have a package in the post and can't wait for it to arrive now!  Love surprises! 


  1. I'm pleased to hear you're not stressing too much this time, you're doing great :-)

  2. I'm practically horizontal I'm so laid back! haha! ;) Speaking of which, I'm off to bed!

  3. You're in the home stretch - not the doldrums. There's only a week and a bit left! You've done great things this month. Time to put up your feet, have a drinkie and just relax!

  4. Thanks Mary! I'm actually having a glass of cider now!


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