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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MMJ Day 22 and Thank you Mr Postman

Still nothing new sewing wise so a golden oldie for you all.  Again I wear this top a lot so it's only right that I wear it more than once in a Me Made month.  The skirt is a thrifted Monsoon skirt which I love.

Me made Lotus cami, shortened from the original version to wear with skirts

I'm desperately trying to smile nicely but it just wasn't really happening as I was miffed that the great idea I had to take pictures of me led down with the skirt spread out all pretty and me looking like I'm on the beach or something...well lets just say they've been deleted.

me in full 'oh yeah?' pose with the hint of a smile

On a really REALLY good note, I received my surprise package in the post today!  Fabric from my fabric swap with Sarah and she snuck in two vintage 1961 Vogue top patterns for me to try out!  They're on lend so I'm treating them very carefully and will transfer them to tracing paper before anything sharp gets anywhere near them.  They're a little bit scary in that they're only punched and notched no ink markings on them whatsoever.  So this'll be interesting for me!  AND really happily, she got the package I sent her, yay!

Two more days in work and boy are they going to drag...

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  1. hehehe I only pulled a little of the pattern out of one of them before I put it back in fright! Dressmaking patterns are scary full stop... but such pretty pretty tops... Best of luck honey! Thank you for my parcel, LOVE LOVE LOVE every bit of it! x


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