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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

MMJ Day 23

I have nothing new to tell you, I'm just planning at the moment so nothing made yet.  My little grey cells are thinking of fabrics I have to pair with the lovely patterns I was lent yesterday and can see me making just about every variation from both patterns at this rate!  I had to go through my camera and delete some photos as had no memory space left and saw all the fabric I'd bought in the last month or so and haven't made anything with yet and have been pairing things up in my head.  As you know from previous posts I like linking patterns to fabrics.  I can tell I'm going to have a sleepless night thinking of fabric!

Anyway, here's a repeat of day one's me made a-line skirt made for the sew weekly meet up and the me made corsages I like to wear on my cream cardigan.

Sorry the angle is off, photo is me made.
On a side note I've got a cat that's howling the house down and I don't know what she wants.  I think she's high on cat treats:

Nom nom nom
She knocked the treat box lid off and then the whole thing spilled on the floor.  I managed to rescue a big mound that she was trying to demolish but think she got more than her week's allowance!  It's ok, it's not too bad as they're the ones that clean her teeth, but still, not good to have so many in one go!


  1. Our cats love those Whiskas treats as well, there is something seriously addictive in them!

  2. hehe! it's weird as she doesn't like the whiskas cat food

  3. At least she'll have clean teeth...

  4. Ohhh whiskas treats by the tub full, you want to make sure the cat stays out tonight... Elliecats evil nemesis did that last year and I wont go into any more detail, suffice to say it doesnt do them much good!
    Cant wait to see your ideas for what to match to the patterns, I'm excited too on your behalf!

  5. Hello - we just noticed you had linked to us - thank you so so much as we can see people clicking on thanks to you. Please come and say hi if you come to It's darling! on the 16th July in Bath

  6. Sarah, it's ok I got to her before she ate too many and no awful consequences thankfully!

    Mrs Stokes, I always like coming to the It's Darling fairs and tell everyone about it!

  7. Trish, clean teeth in a cat is a good thing!


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