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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

MMJ Day 24 and last day of work for two whole weeks!

I'd been tired and waiting for Friday all week and even contemplating taking the day off today but when today came around I was so excited that it was my last day for two weeks I just didn't mind any more!  It was dress down day for charity so put on some jeans but I've decided that I don't like them any more and can't decide whether it's just that I don't like the fit or that I don't like wearing jeans/trousers any more.

Me made shrug shop bought vest and jeans

Me made Burda jacket made for Sew Weekly Challenge

I'm still having mixed feelings about the jacket.  I think I need to make another and do the adjustments that I think aren't working on this one like the pockets and the back neck facing.  I'm also thinking a FBA is needed and then I could actually put the fasteners on as this one keeps flapping open in the wind which is rather annoying.

Anyway, here's to two weeks to sew whenever I want to!  I've also decided that I'm not buying any more fabric as had a bit of a tidy up in my sewing room and have far more fabric than I realised and need to make them into garments rather than just looking at them and cooing over how lovely they are!  Still haven't moved the sewing machine back up there so really shouldn't call it my sewing room but my fabric storage room I suppose.  The sewing machine is on the dining room table if you'd forgotten, you can tell we don't have dinner parties very often can't you?

I'm looking forward to watching Mildred Pierce tomorrow to get some vintage outfit inspiration, are you going to watch it?


  1. Yay! Two weeks off! That'll be great! You'll be able to relax and really enjoy the process making whatever you want :-) Lookin forward to Mildred Pierce tonight too!

  2. Enjoy your holiday! A whole two weeks of sewing - bliss!

  3. What channel is Mildred Pierce on? Sorry I just realised what a lazy question that is. I can go and check for myself! We have only got 5 terrestrial channels at the moment so I probably won't be watching it. I like the red jacket - the fabric colours suit you, but I can appreciate the annoyance of it not fastening and flapping around. Hope you have a good weekend. x

  4. It's on Sky Atlantic so sorry but doesn't sound like you'll be watching it any time soon unless you can get it on the internet?

    Thanks, been sorting through all my fabric and trying to decide what would be best to make the jacket out of next.

  5. Michelle, Sarah, I'm really going to get stuck into sewing now I've had a bit of a tidy up again today. I've spent about an hour ironing scraps and fat quarters to make purses/bags as really want to get a stall and start selling. So I'm going to set myself a target of three bags/purses per item of clothing sewn. I think that's doable...famous last words! ;)


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