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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Look what I found!

I've been such a lucky little girl today, some amazing finds at a charity shop and shopping at my favourite market stall and then a walk around the wetlands and lunch out!  I have to say I'm worn out now!  This might be a picture heavy post, but it's of pretty things so naaa!

My charity shop finds:

This has never been used, all the original slopers are in here and it's got a video!!!

This had me gasping and practically shrieking with delight as signed up to Miss P.'s Top Draft-along but haven't got round to doing it yet what with MMJ and other things it's not happened.  So this I think will give me the kick start I need as don't need to print anything out as it's here and can use both sets of instructions and can ask for opinions on here and the flickr group to helps solve the many problems I'm sure will arise! haha!  I'm just sad it's not by the same person that Miss P.'s book is by.

Two lovely patterns for 40p each!

I really want to make the red number on the left hand pattern and think I need to get some fire engine red shiny fabric to make it in too!

Speaking of fabric, here's what I got at my favourite market stall:

Just over a metre of lovely pink cotton with tiny polka dots

Red bias binding for my Sorbetto

Zips zips zips!
The lovely lady at the market gave me all that was left on the roll of the pink fabric as there was a fault at the end so she knocked a bit off the price too!  How lovely is that?  I got the bias binding for a sorbetto I've been making today, hopefully I'll get it done by tomorrow to wear and take photos of.  However, I also got 30 zips as picked up some fabric from Ikea yesterday that I'm going to make into purses/make up bags like the ones I made here.

And so onto my other favourite place...there's a theme of water here...think I need to move closer to the sea, well a nicer part of the coast anyways as have a river two streets away and a bit of sea 7 miles away but not a good bit.

Hope you've all had a lovely day!


  1. Lovely photos, and great finds! Yes, I think bright scarlet shiny fabric for that dress is a must make... looking forward to seeing your sobretto!

  2. Yay! Lucky you!! Nice loot. I'll be interested to see your draftalonging now too with that extra bit of help. Your photos are lovely too.

  3. Thank you! The Sorbetto is going to be a long while longer as the sewing machine has decided to stop working. Think it's just one of the belts, but may need to wait a week or more for it to be delivered it f it is! Boo Hoo!


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