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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

While the sewing machine is down...

This is what else I've been up to lately!  Haven't been able to show you this until my sister confirmed that she received it as it was her birthday card and didn't want to spoil the surprise!

I'd been trawling the shops looking for a card to send her and nothing was jumping out saying 'Buy me!  Buy ME!' So I decided to make one whilst listening to this.  I'd bought some plain cards and then cut some triangles and a length of ribon and then a square and reused a little bow I'd saved from something and this is the result:

Green background card with fabric bunting and a fabric box present with bow
It was nice to do something with fabric that wasn't sewing for a change and it meant my sister had a lovely handmade card.   She still doesn't have a present, but she's got a card!!  The present will be a teal coloured Amy Butler pattern Lotus dress like mine, just have to remember where I saw the fabric and I'll order it! Thankfully she doesn't want it for a few months yet as it'll be her killer back to work dress to show off to her work buddies when she returns from maternity leave.  So I have time.


She's also pointed out to me that I've got her sewing machine here for safe keeping and could use that.  Only problem is it's a hell of a lot newer than mine and it looks scary!  I'm talking decades younger and although it doesn't have a on board computer like lots I see nowadays it's still scary looking! haha!  I sound like a millions years old!   I'll have a look at it a bit later.  I suppose it does mean that I can get all the cutting out for more bags and all the clothes I'm supposed to be making and can trace some patterns I've been meaning to and then will have a lovely pile of stuff to sew when I get mine back up and running if I can't figure out the young upstart!

Oh, and further progress on the Sorbetto is I'm having to unpick it all as the bust darts are too long and too thin so have to take out the side seams and then readjust the darts.  So I will be a good little girl and mark them on my pattern so I can remember it for next time.  Got to get in the good habit now as want to start that sloper too for the draft along.

So what are you all up to? Anything nice?

And a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister!


  1. Get on your sisters machine!! What are you waiting for?! xxx


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