Little thoughts

Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So I still can't use the sewing machine as we couldn't find a belt to fit the machine so will order one on line as originally planned.  So I bought myself some trimmings instead as they were just too cute to leave behind.  I got some other things but I can't show you them.

song bird trim

gingham trim with lacy detail
Contemplating using the gingham one on the Sorbetto I've been making.  The song bird trim I'm thinking of using on a skirt.

Watched Julie and Julia today, really enjoyed it but do worry that someday I'll have a big row with J like she does in the film with her husband!!  Eeek!

Made any finds?  Seen any good films?


  1. Aww bless your wee heart! I watched that film and only worried about how much I wanted to go cook with oodles of butter...
    That songbird trim is so sweet! And what happened to your machine?! Disaster! Hope its better soon :-)

  2. The belt that drives the needle is stretched and not driving the needle any more. At first I thought it was something more serious but we've worked out that that's all it is.

    I also wanted to get cooking again, although I didn't make tea, J did as had a banging headache!

    Will have a go on my sister's machine tomorrow.


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