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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Seat for amp and National Botanical Gardens of Wales

So J chose this mad patterned fabric from Ikea a while ago and made some sound board things with them to bounce the sound from the corners of the room to make it clearer when he's recording music.  Please don't ask me any specifics as I really don't know!  Anyway, he's had a tidy up in his room and asked for a cushion thing for the top of one of his amps as its by the window and would make a great seat.  We got some more of the patterned fabric and had some pieces of foam lying around.  So off to work I went using my sister's machine as finally worked out how to thread it, gosh it's hard using a different machine with no instruction manual!  I can see I'm really set in my ways with  my machine and was really disturbed that this one made a different noise to mine!  And before I start scaring my sister, she reads this and was so impressed that she was 'famous'!, the machine is working fine it's just a different sound than mine.

So here's the finished product, J is really happy with it and has been sitting on it as has the cat!

back view, just a simple envelope fold as closure

front view

Sorry the photo colours are a bit poor but it's raining cats and dogs and I'm not going outside!

We went to the National Botanic Gardens of Wales today, its a favourite place of ours and we've been going for years, we enjoy it so much we've become members.  Sadly my camera batteries died when we weren't even halfway round so only have a few pictures and a few that J took on his phone.

If you think I can name all the flowers, you're going to be sorely disappointed!


pretty yellow flowers

pretty pink flowers

peachy orange lillies

lots and lots of water lilly pads

more water lilly pads with yellow lillies

close up of yellow lilly just opening

bugs eye view of the lillies

weird looking thing in the water, assume it is/was a lilly

pretty purple flowers


close up of iris

white water lilly
horned bull sculpture stuffed with what looked like wool/insulation

me in the hot house with a banana leaf umbrella!

This was the first take, how lucky??  You even get an eyeful of my bare tummy lucky you!  haha!
I'm still enjoying my holiday but hoping to get some sewing done or at least some cutting out soon.  Hope these posts inspire you to go exploring!


  1. that last pic is fantastic! They were all good actually. Pretty pink flower... lol thats all that would have sunk in my brain even if you'd told me the common name and latin name and written it down for me... Glad you used sisters machine :-)

  2. haha! yeah, it was hard trying to remember so gave up!

  3. Great pics of the National Garden. Looks like you are having a good holiday. I like the ikea cushion/seat/thing. :)
    You asked if the japanese patterns are easy - well sort of. They seem to use simple shapes and techniques. Instructions are in japanese though! They do have lots of pictures and numbered steps so you can work it out. But if you think a book of japanese patterns usually costs about 16pounds but you get 18 or patterns. That's good value. I am going to email you a link to some freedownload japanese patterns later today and that may give you a better idea of what they are like. Can't put link here cos I have to go off and find it! xx

  4. Thank you! Yeah it's been fun doing day trips but don't know where the time has gone!

    That's really great information and thanks for the link! xx


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