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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Clutch bags

So what have you been up to eh? eh?

I've spent today teaching myself how to make clutch bags.  I'd seen a how to a little while back on The Purl Bee and decided to have a go myself without the instructions as I like to wing it that way sometimes!  (maybe I'm a bit lazy and couldn't get on the laptop as J was using it are the other good reasons!)  I did hit a snag but it wasn't anything to do with me before you start laughing, the shop I bought the magnetic clasps from had failed to give me the reinforcer's for the back to stop them pulling the fabric to pieces as all the clasps were in bits in trays rather than being sold as sets and they didn't correct me when I walked away with four incomplete sets....grrr!  Anyway, I've worked out a way to solve that little hiccup and here are the final results, they're not perfect as they're trial runs but I'm loving the funky fabric and the magnetic clasps are a lot simpler than zips or snaps/poppers.

small black background clutch with flower and butterfly pattern and pink ricrac

inside view of clasp

back view

large white background clutch with black and green tree like pattern

showing the magnetic clasp

I put a pocket/divider in this one

back view

the two clutches together

So I think these will be something else I can have on my stall whenever I get enough stock together to go to a fair.  Any thoughts on them?  Contemplating beading some of the black versions to pick out some of the flowers and butterflies and make it a bit more glitzy.  Not sure whether to make any with a wrist strap or not.  I personally don't get on with clutches with these wrist straps and often detach them if I can or stuff them in the main body of the purse otherwise.  Have also been thinking of making some with a zip pocket inside, although it is boggling my head a bit trying to work out how to sew it all together with the minimum hand sewing!

For my so far imaginary stall I'm thinking these clutch purses, the zip purses/make-up bags, bunting, shopping bags, fascinators, flower brooches and hair clips and maybe some other things but they're the main things right now.

Other than these two things I've not done much but listen to Imelda May's albums 'Love Tattoo' and 'Mayhem', can highly recommend both, and trying to keep out of the way of my mad cat as she chases pom poms round the house!

Happy sewing!


  1. Mimi these are great! The little purses where very cute but these are the next step, so funky!

  2. Cute! I think adding some beading would make them extra special :)
    I've used the magnetic clasps before, and mine were crazy strong! I tried to weaken the magnetism with heat (the iron) but didn't have much success! lol
    Ashley x

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Ashley, they are super strong magnets aren't they? How come they're not as strong in the shop bought bags I wonder? Hmmmmm...

  4. Great bags Mimi! Have you tried reinforcing the fabric with a square of interfacing before you put the super strong magnetic poppers? That usually helps. As does a wee square of that plastic grid you get for bag bottoms. Sucks though that all the bits werent together when you bought them :-(

  5. OMG. I am so excited because this is the first time I've been able to post on your blog! I follow religiously but for some reason the 'post a comment' button never works! YAY! Anyways, wanted to say I love the clutch purses! and I absolutely ADORE the kitty picture!!!

  6. I want one too !!! ;o)

    Mimi, you must produce a little tutorial... and the fabric choises are so cute. Where did you got your labels done? lots of love !

  7. Sarah that's a good idea with the square of bag bottom stuff! The lining is already interfaced so that should do the trick!

    Hi Debi! Sorry my blogger has been a bit weird for me too! Fizz is always happy for comments! haha! ;)

    Rachel, the labels are from Woven Labels UK , they're really reasonable and do lots of designs. I've been looking at what my next set will be as coming to the end of this lot.

  8. Wow I've just been sewing some bags up, nothing with such cool material though, I really like the black/white/green fabric, gorgeous. I'd recommend the extra interfacing squares even if your using the bits that should have come with them. That part of the bag gets extra usage and the extra interfacing helps it to not wear as easily.

    Oooh and thank you for the award :) I'm trying to think of 7 things though, its bloomin hard!

  9. Thanks for the tip!

    No problem, it's always nice to get prizes! :)

  10. magnets and velcro are 2 of the greatest inventions! I'm liking the sound of these bags, and I think beading would be a great addition... remember last year I was looking for a bag as a present which had butterflies done with beads? A combination of beads and a few sparkly sequins would look great and be very sellable!

  11. Thank you! Yeah, I think you're right!


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