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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feathering your hair do

Haven't been up to much sewing lately but have managed to make these hair clips for the stalls on 26th November Risca St John's Ambulance Hall and 3rd December Neuadd Dowlais Community Centre, Llantwit Fardre. I think the autumnal colours are so pretty on these...I may need one for myself.

Long speckled feather with shorter brown and grey feathers and a grey cord swirly flower on a black crocodile clip

Selection of small brown feathers with a small cream and multi colour swirly flower and a slightly larger grey cord swirly flower on a black crocodile clip

The two clips crossed over

The two clips lying side by side

So what do you think?  They may be a little Pocahontas for some of you, but hopefully there will be some people who will like them enough or know someone who will like them to buy them as presents! 

Otherwise it's all quiet on the western front at the moment as the treatment I received yesterday has left me more than a little bruised and sore and it was J's birthday so baked a yummy carrot cake, no photos as it was eaten shortly after being taken from the oven...mmmmmmm!  Thankfully I only have a short week in work next week so will have time to recover and may have some things to show off too.  I've also nearly finished the first project from my sewing class so will take you a photo and show it off when it's done!  I've picked up some new tricks and tried out things I haven't done before so I'm very happy.

Happy sewing!


  1. Ahhh belated happy birthday Mr Magpie ;-) Hope your arms working better soon, and ooh sewing classes started already? cant wait to hear what you've been up to!

  2. next time I'm popping down to San Francisco, I'll be sure to wear some of those feathers in my hair!

    ... except I'm sure the cat will mistake me for a bird and bite my head off!!

    Short weeks are good weeks! :)

  3. Ach! Now I want carrot cake too! I hope all is well, or at least feeling better eventually.

  4. Sarah, stop laughing at my sewing class stories!

    Giles, Fizz doesn't bother with them, think they don't smell right anymore so you should be safe with Maggie.

    Mary the carrot cake was lovely even if I do say so myself! I substituted lemon rind and juice for orange as didn't have an orange in the house and it was yummy! Go on, make one you know you want to! hehe! ;)

  5. ohh those feathers looks stunning!

  6. Mimi they are adorable! There's a wonderful vintage feel to them. Did you make the roses as well?

  7. Thank you Charlotte! They're fun to make, can see you whipping up a few pretty easily.

    Thank you Mrs SB, I did make the roses too, they're dead simple to make, I'll show you how on Saturday. Hadn't thought about it before but they do look a little pre loved don't they?

  8. They are really sweet without being overly cutesy and I hope they sell well! I have a parcel for you sitting on my table, I will get to the Post office soon I promise! x


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