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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Now I know there's no going back...

I went out today, day off work - YAY!, and I happened to go into Joules, ok didn't happen was positively drawn by the pretty colours and animal picture prints on the clothes and wellies so had to go in.  I saw this dress:

BETONY Womens Dress
From here

And I thought 'Wow, that's such a lovely colour and simple cut and would look fantastic on' and then I saw the price...brace yourselves people...£129.  I was speechless.  Then I went, 'oh well, I'll just make one at home.'  And then I knew that I wouldn't be buying any clothing from anywhere ever again unless it's something I can't make/don't want to tackle yet, but something as simple as a cotton dress I think is quite within my sewing skills.  I just can't justify spending silly amounts of money on something as simple as that.  Also J said we don't know enough horses to shop in that store...make of that what you will! hehe!  (if you go to the shop in the link above you'll understand).

In other news, sewing class is going well.  We'll be onto the next project in earnest next week, so when my first one is completely done I'll show it off, just some painstaking hand sewing to go.  I keep being told it'll be worth it but my fingers don't believe the words.


  1. tee hee I know exactly how you feel. I saw a gorgeous, gorgeous skirt in my fave shop (Monsoon) but was horrified to find an a-line skirt costs more than sixty quid. There's not a chance I can justify that.... I did wonder at the time if that meant shopping was spoilt for me now (well for skirts and dresses anyway) Cx

  2. d'oh... dont get the horses...
    It is a lovely dress, but I think you're right though, you can make it for less, and make it really really nice :-)

  3. Go girl, I am totally with you, I'm just not into paying silly prices when I could make a version myself!
    Why don't you send a picture to Mena at Sew Weekly as she does a great spot where she can finsd a pattern that is as close to the orginal.

  4. Thanks guys, did wonder if I was on a bit of an insane rant!

    Charlotte I know what you mean about Monsoon, it is/was my favourite shop - I still like it but probably won't buy anything other than knits and tights from there hoo! But yay! for my bank balance!

    Sarah, it's a horsey brand, they do a lot of equestrian stuff.

    Charlotte, I've asked Mena to do a dress before and got no response so I'm probably better off looking for myself, but thanks for the tip!

  5. He he! Yay you can do it! I also think their clothes remain inspiration- some lovely vintage inspired shapes and polka dots and stripes are my faves. But never afforded any myself either!!

  6. Aside from the obvious - ridiculous prices - I have found that I just can't find clothes that really fit, now that I have some that fit. And I'm trying to be more conscious of buying things that are made locally, and they are realllly expensive. I'm loving my handmade things these days! And you still get to go snoop shopping to find some inspiration and figure out what shapes work for you without spending the time or money!!

  7. I'd bet you can draft it - it looks like a boxy kimono top with short sleeves, gathered into a waist band, and the skirt seems to be straight to slight a-line with gathers at center front.

    I'm totally with you on not buying things I can make any more. Its kinda crazy when you realise.

  8. I know what you mean ... though sometimes it's nice to enjoy somebody else's creations, even if you can do as good (or better) yourself. Professional chefs still enjoy eating at other chef's restaurants, a hair dresser will enjoy another stylist doing their hair ... I'm sure even Kaffe Fassett wears other people's woolly jumpers ...

    ... just playing devil's advocate, hehe

    ... but I wish men had as many different styles of clothes as women do so you could walk around a shop and see dresses that you want to make yourself... even the nicest-made menswear are still boring trousers, shirt or jackets ... and the shoes are pretty dull too! ... ok, grumble over!

  9. Ladies, you're right, it's good to look and then come home and frantically rummage in the pattern box to find something similar enough as a starting point and then having ago yourself! Mrs SB they will always be something lovely to look at and draw inspiration from...just won't be buying from them anytime soon.

    Rachel, from that audible sigh in the comment, I know you know about this realisation!'re out voted! hehe! Ok, ok, so you do get the raw end of the deal it has to be said, but I'm sticking to my rant! hehe!

  10. Hee hee the horsery reference made me laugh. I agree Joules are good for inspiration (if you steer clear of the equestrian side)I like looking at their vintage style dresses and separates. That one looks like you could easily sew it from a mock wrap pattern. x


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