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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Was considering trying to fake this post as had my second stall today and forgot to take any pictures and thought I could try and recreate it at home, but I'm too tired!  I put into practice what I learnt from the last fair and decided not to have the stall in the centre of the room as although it meant I was the first one to be seen, it also meant being quite exposed and sometimes I like my back against a wall when I'm feeling nervous!  I went for a more muted table covering from last time as felt although the funky fabric was eye catching, it detracted from what I was selling. 

I tried to add interest to the stall by varying heights of things and using unusual props.  The tree we found on our Sunday walk worked well as it drew a lot of interest and admiration, but mainly from the other stall holders!  Oh dear.  I also thought sparkly lights would help draw in customers too so used some of my battery operated fairy lights to decorate the tree with.  The lavender stuffed birds and hearts I displayed on it sold well, but weirdly the bunting that sold so well last fair didn't sell at all this time, the feather hair clips that everyone comments on as being pretty didn't sell at all either.  I'm guessing it's hit and miss as it depends on what the people coming into the fair have in mind to buy and of course their personal taste.

What surprised me the most was that I was working on some felt leaf decorations in work in my breaks and my colleagues were so impressed by them they bought the lot and commissioned more!  I was sold out before I even got to the fair and there was great interest from people as I worked on more whilst on my stall.  Sadly I didn't have any finished in time to go out on the stall for sale but am going to take lots to the next fair on Saturday and hope they sell well.

I also had the very pleasant surprise of meeting Giles of Touch and Sew fame's parents!  I've been friends with Giles for years but had never met his parents and he made them come and support me on the stall!  It was so good to speak to them, they even brought me photos of when they last visited Giles!  How sweet is that?  They were also my best customers!

So that's what I've been up to this weekend, last weekend was also exciting as got to go to the It's Darling! fair in Bath with Mrs Scruffy Badger and had a wonderful time!  It was my birthday the week before so had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and bought myself some lovelies, saw some shops I will now put on my 'always visit when in this town' list and had such a good chat with a fellow sewing person.  I'd also treated myself to some birthday fabric before then, so was restrained and didn't buy any fabric, as had the lovely Colette Parfait dress pattern from J and wanted some pretty fabric to make it in.  I have been perfectly spoilt this year, especially by the amazing Sarah from Narcoleptic in a Cupboard as she sent me some gorgeous gifts and set me a challenge...which I may be able to fulfil and give her a good laugh in the bargain! 

And in other news, the sewing class is going well, I've finished my first project and have started my second and am now secretary on the student council too...good grief what have I done?  They tell me it's quite easy and it probably is and will definitely be interesting but I do wonder why I'm taking on so much lately.  I did however manage to ask for a new sewing machine for the class and when asked if one would be sufficient replied 'one would be good but two would be even better!'  I think for my first meeting I've done pretty well as the management have said they will speak to the sewing teachers for advice about what type of machine to buy and will try and buy us two if it's within the budget!  Yippee!  Gold star to me next time I'm in class I think! hehe!  I'm going to see what other courses I can sign up for so that I can keep being a student there and thus make me being on the council viable for the year.

So that's my tell, tomorrow I'll hopefully get photos in the light of all my goodies and all the things I've been making and selling for the show part of this show and tell post!  A bit disjointed but in all honesty, if I put the photos in with all this text it would be a million miles long and you'll all get bored by the end of it.  You really are spoilt you know! haha!


  1. What an interesting post, you are really busy at the mo! What are the leaf decorations? have you got a photo? They sound very interesting... well done you though, very positive stuff x

  2. Sounds like you feel a bit better about this weeks stall, which is good! Great that you've gotten comissions too!
    Cant wait to see if you take the'll need a nice bright lining remember ;-) lol

  3. Thanks Charlotte! The leaves are just that, two pieces of felt sewn together with a pattern cut out of the top piece to look like leaf veins and then a loop is attached to enable it to be hung from your Christmas tree. There will be photos tomorrow, sorry none today!

    Sarah, I think I've broken the back of it with regards to the stall. It's just going to be refining the finer details and getting used to meeting and greeting people. Gosh, hadn't thought about a lining yet, but do have some bright yellow/green lining I might be able to use for it! hehe! ;)

  4. good grief! you must be a sucker for punishment agreeing to be secretary... though full marks for getting a promise of more sewing machines as your first action... that's just brilliant! ... and excellent thinking to double the request when prompted!

    My mum bought one of your feather hair clips for my neice. She really liked the type of clips that you'd used and said they looked fantastic!

    Sounds like you refined your stall nicely based on your experiences, but you can't anticipate what people are going to be in the mood for or not! ... good thinking to stock up on the decorations for next time... and good to be making things at the stall - I bet that interests people as they walk past and then you've hooked them in :)

  5. I completely forgot your mum bought one of my feather clips! D'oh! As I said she was my best customer! ;)

    I think my youth helped with the secretary bit, they're all at least 30 years older than me and so I felt like I was doing them a favour by taking the minutes. And then I think my youth and coercing the other two students who are on another sewing course that perhaps we need some more and usable machines would be a good idea helped!

  6. Mimi you are such a busy bee! I am glad the stalls are going well.

  7. Thanks Charlotte! Finger's crossed for the next one!

  8. I am glad the stall went well - sounds like you have really been thinking about what does and doesn't work and amending things. How great that you are course secretary...I think you'll do a good job! Belated birthday greetings to you as well. x

  9. Can't believe the feather clips werent whipped off your stall in s mad frenzy! Sounds like a mad weekend, well done. But as others have said, huge applause for your first act as secretary! Well done you. Hope you've had chance to recover

  10. Thanks Deb, I wanted to get my thoughts down straight away so I could remember them and see what ideas would come from them. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Mrs SB, I couldn't believe it either. Wasn't certain if the price was wrong, but just think the clientèle just wasn't right. At the moment being secretary means just taking the minutes which should be fine.

  11. hi Mimi! just thought i would drop you a quick line to say Merry Christmas!!! we are going away on saturday...for a Australia (in the middle of a very bonkers packing session at the mo)...i will miss catching up on blogs while we are away, but just wanted tyo say 'hi' and 'bye' before we go!! so i hope you and yours have a good one... love Caroline xxxx


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