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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter walk

Since it was such a lovely sunny day we wrapped up warm and went on a secret mission walk.  There may have been an ulterior motive in that I wanted a prop for my stall...  I'd been working on a cardboard tree to hang my Christmas decorations from but it was a little small as hadn't found a piece of cardboard big enough.  I'll probably still use it at some point but it's not the tallest tree.

Haven't got a good photo of the branch we managed to find in the park, but did get these other pretty pictures:

Pretty autumn leaves in browns, reds and yellows

Was trying to capture the falling leaves as they were dancing as they fell

Look!  Blue sky!

Pretty multicoloured leaf carpet

Some more leaf carpet

It was a little muddy in places so sometimes it got a bit squelchy but the crisp dry leaves on the park path that we walked along before was a nice contrast.  I love autumn!  It's nice to get all wrapped up and go out on a crisp day and stomp through leaves and squelch through mud!  Might need to get some wellies though...


  1. Ah, nice walk pictures. IWe went on awalk yesterday too, though more of a slow plod in my case. Good luck with the upcoming craft fairs. x

  2. Hello you! Good to get out for a walk. We had a nice long fall (well, at least for here) but had the first snow last week, so it seems to be winter!

  3. Hello!

    Send some snow my way! Love snow! hehe!

  4. The Uk is beautiful this time of year !


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