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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

MMM Day five

I've been a busy little bunny today what with needle felting and making up some new earrings.  The needle felting isn't quite finished so can't show you that but do have some very pretty earrings to show you after my me made photo, bear with me it's a me made month and that's got to come first 'kay?  Okay.

Me made Colette Taffy blouse
Here's me with the sun hitting my hair 'just right' to show off my grey hair...I hate it when that happens, it's not this bad in real life but the other photos weren't very good as I either had a manic grin or wasn't smiling and my David Bailey wasn't willing to take any more photos as apparently it was cold stood outside without a coat on.  The words 'go put a bloody coat on then' were on the tip of my tongue but since it would have meant some very strange jiggery pokery with the camera on the tripod I thought better of it.

I went back to my jewellery making and sulked instead...

Think I need to sulk more often as I LOVE these earrings and they're mine ALL MINE!  Whahahahaha!  Well, I may make some more to sell but these babies are mine.  Hands off!

Purple and pink feather earrings on Stirling silver ear wires

Close up of the curly ear wires and the pretty pretty feathers

I should take some pictures of me wearing them, but think I need a suitable backdrop like an unploughed field or something equally prairie like just to get you in the mood for big feathery earrings!

The other earrings I made I can just about bear to part with, one pair if not both will probably be presents in all honesty.  I didn't make these as such but put the component parts together which feels a bit like cheating...

Shiny battered half moon Stirling silver pieces on Stirling silver ear wires

Oxidised battered half moon Stirling silver pieces on Stirling silver ear wires
I think these are so pretty as they're really simple but oh so effective and elegant.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. the feather earings are really pretty. You are going for Gold posting MMM everyday!

  2. Thank you! I'm trying really hard to keep going for the rest of the month, there may be more random things said...just to fill the space!

  3. I love both your earrings!! Funny how MMMay gives your exclamation point a workout! I'm glad you had a crafty sort of Saturday. Hopefully Sunday will be the same for me!

  4. I know. I'm a bit over excited and it's so hard to convey any sort of emotion in text alone when it's not a long explanation and I always feel like I need to make a point of showing enthusiasm and then it goes too far. *Sigh* Will try harder not to use the exclamation point and be more descriptive in text alone for the rest of the month. I'd have a black mark from my English teacher that's for sure! ;)


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