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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One more thing ticked off my list

I managed to find some more of the lovely wool to finish my cowl!  Yay!  Only problem is it's starting to get warmer now so may not get to wear it until next winter...hmmmm  may have to be brave and take a picture of me wearing it just so I can show it off without getting heat stroke.  I'm a little camera shy if you hadn't noticed.

Here's my lovely cowl, well I think it's lovely anyway!

I did want it to be HUGE width wise rather than height but it just didn't turn out that way and as it's already been unpicked once it really can't take another unravelling...well ok, I can't take the strain of unravelling it again!  I only used two skeins of 50g wool which I think is good.  I'm really new to crochet and can't do anything complicated but am proud I've made something I like and will wear and have crossed something else off my list.  Good luck with your lists!

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