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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Me Made March Day 19

I know I'm a bit late but I was busy yesterday and just didn't find the time to post until now.  I went out shopping and got some lovely finds and then came home and went for a walk then relaxed listening to a new cd for a bit, started working on a new top that I've drafted myself and then got ready and went out for a party.  Phew.  Glad that's over with as was rather a full day! ;)

I got inspired when we went for our walk yesterday and got J to take my picture when we passed this brick making factory near where we live.  I love how everything around it is brick coloured and think it really makes the colours of my outfit stand out, as there are a few...

Me outside the brickworks wonky gates wearing me made green skirt with small flowers, shop bought bright pink silk top, pinky/purple tights, grey boots and my favourite kermit green raincoat

It was such a nice day I wanted to go for a wander along the river near where we lived and as I saw a bridge I had to cross it and see what was on the other side.  It lead us to a tunnel and I said I felt like Chihiro in Spirited Away and didn't know whether we should go through the tunnel!  I'm glad I did as it lead us to the brickworks and so I got my photo for the day.  It's getting boring taking pictures against a white you can tell white is really against my nature as I try and wear as many colours as possible all at once!

And so onward and upwards, when we got back I had a bit of a snooze as wasn't intending on doing any sewing as knew I'd have to pack up and get ready to go out in a few hours, however, that snooze time was inspirational and got me thinking about the new fabric I bought.  Here's my haul from yesterday:

5 metres of bright pink ricrac, burgundy crushed velour, pink lining remnant, brown lining remnant
Guess where this lot is from! ;)  I was rummaging in the remnant bin again to see what I could find and scored two pieces of lining one pink one brown to use for bags and purses and then I discovered this lovely crushed velour in burgundy.  I nearly passed on it as it's a winter fabric, but as it was marked down and I do have a think for velour and velvet (going to have to look up the difference as not sure if there is one) and it's in the colour of a dress I used to own that made me feel like Jessica Rabbit, I had to have it.  There's enough I think to make a slim fitted dress, although I think it'll be interesting to sew with as it's got a bit of a stretch to it.  In some respects this fabric shopping trip was a disaster as my intention was to buy some cotton jersey to make some t-shirt like tops with but it was all really rather expensive so I chickened out!

Then since I had failed to score jersey in John Lewis I decided the market was my next best option as there's a well stocked fabric stall there....

grey metal zip, yellow lining, grey jumbo cord, peacock green cotton

Whoops!  Yeah, again no jersey but managed to buy some pretty pretty grey jumbo cord, peacock green cotton and yellow lining and a zip....I'm guessing I'm going to have to bite the bullet and just order jersey online!  The green cotton has started to be transformed into a wrap top based on the top I made from the Burda dress shown here.  The jumbo cord will make a lovely skirt and the zip and sunny yellow lining will be used for that skirt.  I'm thinking of using the skirt pattern I used for this one as really want another skirt with pockets, but am thinking of making the pockets a bit smaller as they seem enormous.

It's such a lovely sunny day today, it's almost a shame to stay in and sew, yeah I know not like me to put off sewing when I'm in the mood but we get sunny days so rarely on a weekend!  Hope I can do a bit of both, outside enjoying sunshine and indoors sewing...and no I won't be taking my sewing machine outside to sew to do both at the same time! ;)

Today's outfit post will be later as still undecided as to what to wear.  Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


  1. Why not sew outside? I used to all the time especially in my Old house where I didn't have a sewing room.

    I do love all the fabrics you bought. That velour will look fantastic in a slinky dress!! And the jumbo cord is ace. You know how I feel about cord- much the same as you!!

  2. It's a bit cold still and I think my sewing machine would rattle my little garden table to bits!

    I was going to put a link on your blog to show you the cord! As soon as I saw it I thought of you!

  3. Cant beat remnant bins eh, wish they existed up here! I like the cord too :-)


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