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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Me Made March Day 26

We tried very hard today to get a picture of me on Blorenge Mountain today but it just didn't happen.  Then we got stuck in a big traffic jam and ended up on a slightly frustrating magical mystery tour that took us to the back of beyond and here again.  So just a boring old photo of me in the garden, although the sun is going in and it's threatening to rain!  Boo Hiss!  On a side note Blorenge is the only word to rhyme with orange despite all the English teachers I ever had telling me orange didn't have a rhyming word, according to the lovely Mr Stephen Fry and the QI elves.

Me wearing me made lotus top, me made cord skirt and my favourite shoes, notice I'm using the pockets in my skirt!

You all must be getting sick of me wearing this top but I had to put it with the grey cord skirt as I really like grey and yellow together.  I'm only sorry I don't have any yellow or grey shoes...I do have silver strappy sandals but they're a bit dressy and I don't think the orange/pink shoes go too badly (coming from someone who's very happy to wear pink and red together that might sound strange...!)

Had a really good haul from an Oxfam charity shop today!  Got two ENORMOUS soft cotton sheets for 99p!  And I got about a metre of dark blue fabric with what looks like daffodils to me on it for £1.99.  Score!  I also treated myself to some metal zips in various colours and sizes and a big green plastic zip for the bag I'll be making for my sister with this fabric.

From left, about a metre of dark blue fabric with daffodil print, two I'd say king size cotton sheets one white one cream both with the same pattern of green flowers and almost heart shape leaves

Selection of zips, four metal one plastic
The metal zips were good value as they were 50p each as the shop seemed to be trying to get rid of all their metal zips for some reason.  I like metal zips on skirts, they're more durable and you can make more of a feature out of them if you want.

In other news, I signed up to the Sew Weekly Sewing Circle and it appears it was just in time as the UK members are trying to organize a meet up in London in May that they've invited me to, with a colour theme and maybe even a dress if all of us can make one in time!  Need to check out the train times and cost, but I'm not sure I can resist a visit to the V&A with like minded people followed by fabric shopping and tea and cake!  I've been thinking about what flat shoes I have that will enable my feet to last all day...a good sign I'm probably going so I'd better start saving my pennies too.

What exciting news have you got to share?  Found anything new?


  1. Cute daffodil fabric - that was a great find!

  2. Thanks! There was a lady in the shop who wanted it from me, I have trouble with little old ladies trying to take the things I'm's a bit worrying really!

  3. I love gray and yellow too, I think it's a yummy combination! I made the lotus top as well and funny enough my fabric is yellow and gray polka dots. It's definitely a favorite! Very cute on you too!

  4. wee bit of news for you on my blog...

  5. Cathe thank you! Will have to have a look at the photo if you have one of the lotus top, haven't seen anyone else's version of it yet and the polka dots sound great!

    Sarah, I can't thank you enough!


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