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Little thoughts: need more sleep! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I made on the journey home the other day...

I meant to post this on the weekend but got waylaid.  I found this lovely shop in Swansea that I never knew existed, which is a travesty considering I lived there for a year!  But as J pointed out I was too busy studying to sew and wasn't as into it then.  After wandering round the shop in a daze grabbing things like they were going to grow legs and run away, I bought some of that nice Big Softie yarn I used for this and this.  As I knew we were going to try and find this shop as I'd discovered it on line early one morning when I wasn't feeling well and couldn't sleep, I had the foresight to take my crochet needle and made two of these on the way home and then the third just after we got in.

I really love these and will be sad to part with them, but think they have to be part of my stash to start a stock for selling as per this post.  So if anyone wants one, drop me a line and let me know which one you want, I'm thinking of selling them for £8 each.

Picture of me wearing the yellow crochet necklace
Sorry for poor photo quality, want to take photos outside in natural light.  This is the one that makes me smile the most as it makes me think of Mr T!  hehe!

Photo of me wearing a soft forest-y green crochet necklace
One of my favourite shades of green, this would go with most colours and I think looks great against the purple of my top.

Me wearing the red version of the crochet necklace
The photo has really changed the colour of this yarn, it's actually more of an pink-y/orange colour rather than the bright cerise pink it looks here.  Don't know what I was thinking of, but I look a bit miffed, probably hoping I didn't drop the camera against the glass!

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  1. hehe, you had your priorities right in Swansea. I clearly didn't... how else would I know which shop you're talking about lol...

    Those crochet necklaces sound a cool idea! I haven't heard of that kind of thing and I bet they'll sell well! Hope you get some eager buyers :)


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